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Using HTML: WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform in use today. It begins, as well as regular Web sites commonly used for blogging platform because it is only more. You can easily make you nearly any type of website you want. Installing and Setting up a word press is very simple and a lot of hosting providers also do it for you. Often, the word is the most difficult part of running a blog or website is to make the press the content of high quality.

Create a Better WordPress Blog-ful

Create a Better WordPress Blog

So you are ready to start a blog and write to you. This is the first brick wall facing the majority of new bloggers. How do I create one? What should I do to my post? When this blog consulting some of the most popular questions I get asked.

Writing a blog post is the most important part of your blog. When you create a useful and effective information and establish yourself for success. Here are a few basic things to consider when you start writing a blog post.

WordPress: you want to disable the automatic update

You have a lot of reasons why you can disable the automatic update in the WordPress. The most obvious is heavy, it will install a customized WordPress. If you disable the automatic update, it will be able to prevent corruption in the system.

I will pass through the two methods. In this article, at first, it is to disable the update of WordPress core, to enable your theme / plug-ins in order to still update. The second method, disable all updates (core, themes and plug-ins) a.

Disable Core Updates (keeps plugins & theme updates enabled):