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Create a Better WordPress Blog

So you are ready to start a blog and write to you. This is the first brick wall facing the majority of new bloggers. How do I create one? What should I do to my post? When this blog consulting some of the most popular questions I get asked.

Writing a blog post is the most important part of your blog. When you create a useful and effective information and establish yourself for success. Here are a few basic things to consider when you start writing a blog post.

1. attractive title

Like many book covers, and the title of the blog post will be the first time readers will see. Boring and generic titles, you can look right through the post readers looking for something different. Put an attractive and charming subject to the same post you own hits.

Look at these two titles, and ask yourself what you would rather read:
 ◦How To generate traffic to your blog
◦7 sure way to blow your blog traffic

I will personally select the second title any day. But it sounds like something I want to read, but I will not list the many ways that you can expect to learn exactly how much about it. Which leads me to the next point.

2. The proper format

Post format is a better way to look better and to reach out. A good example of an easy-to-use format is a list. This allows you to create an easy-to-bullet can Subtitles along.

In addition, as a way to destroy the text, we recommend the use of H2 or H3 tags. If they do not have many line breaks in the font of the same size, the blog post can be very boring. I personally use the H3 title tags for each section, I want to break your post into several sections.

3. Good grammar and spelling

This is often not necessary to think overlooked. I use a big problem with the grammar, I will admit (I still do occasionally). I continue my post (that they got) the wrong use their own formats and annoy some of my readers.

Use good grammar Besides, you also want to make sure you use the correct spelling. There is a faster way to lose readers than to continue to type the word incorrectly. Most blog platforms such as WordPress has a built-in spell checker. Key, it is to remember to use every time you post.

So practice your writing and before they go back to serving, make sure to read through your post. You better, read them if you have someone that you can edit them for you. Sometimes we miss the simple things you can see is just another reader.

4. Ask questions

And finally, a question. If you have any questions complete blog post, your readers will have more participation. This will encourage them to leave a few comments sparked a conversation between your readers.

Write start

Now you have four basic things to create a better blog post, it's time to start writing. As you start writing, you start to get better as you gain more experience.


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