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Using HTML: WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform in use today. It begins, as well as regular Web sites commonly used for blogging platform because it is only more. You can easily make you nearly any type of website you want. Installing and Setting up a word press is very simple and a lot of hosting providers also do it for you. Often, the word is the most difficult part of running a blog or website is to make the press the content of high quality. Of course, people cut and paste articles and somewhat decent WordPress website and paste the WYSIWYG editor, but you're not going to be enough to compete in today's online market. You really need a WordPress site content is to create eye-catching original popularity. To create a content type that are required to build a successful WordPress website, there are some simple HTML skills you need to keep in mind. In this tutorial, we will cover some of the basic HTML knowledge you need to possess to WordPress entrepreneur.

Why WordPress HTML that is used to Wardpress

There are several reasons to use HTML to Word. First and foremost reason is to make the information more attractive. Imagine, if you need to see exactly the same thing you want. Sometimes you have to use HTML with CSS styles to make it look like something you want. The same general view is not only a WYSIWYG editor is pre-tagged with a special tag codes that you can use in my, there is a need to insert another tag in the HTML view tab of the editor. So let's go through how to use the most common tags that can be used in this first general view of the WYSIWYG editor.

Use the code tags

Code tag is one of the few that can be used in regular posts. I mean that you do not need to switch to HTML view in the WYSIWYG editor you use the code tag. Code tags are as follows:

<code> monospaced text will go here</code>

The primary purpose of the tag with a code word of a post or page is to convert the text into a fixed-width type. The advantage of this is common to display a piece of code on your site. I would like to say that you are a web development site is to show you the code of your visitors. If the code entered in this shape from a command prompt, use the code tags to make such a will. It looks more professional that way.

See a snippet using the code tag

You will need to know in order to show the code into your WordPress posts or pages Another technique WordPress is to recognize the larger opening and closing tags or signs more than most. If just to use less than the post-word symbol is to stop the flow of the page it is possible to recognize it as the beginning or end of an HTML tag. Therefore, the user needs to use a character entity itself rather than to the actual geometry more signs. Each correct entity code used herein is:

Less than symbol: &lt;
Greater than symbol: &gt;

"LT" is to put all remember why you "have to" is an abbreviation of the "&" at the end and the symbols of their apeseogwa semicolon, because the more meaningful big I personally For easy you remember two of your most important the object code must be memorized.

Use the pre tag in WordPress

HTML tags peureseugwa word seems to be another very widely used in pre tags:

<pre>text that you want to keep the format of Including line breaks 

I recognize the carriage return and line feed, you can see to put line breaks in the middle of a sentence to prove the capability of the entire tag. Pre-tag often with tactical code tags you display an HTML preview in the WordPress because the text is to keep the line breaks in places if you copy and paste code into a post or a page in a WYSIWYG editor of your WordPress Use Management Area.

In WYSIWYG editor using the HTML Tags:

Tab refers to the "vision" and "HTML" in the figure below. In time these HTML Edit tab you switch back and forth. Visual is actually what it looks like and the HTML code behind what look like. So you can easily click to add some HTML tags and attributes in HTML tags to directly edit the HTML code.

You can easily switch between the two tabs, you can edit the HTML editor you want. WordPress so you just have a few things you do not agree with most that can be achieved by using a simple test to verify that the page supposed to achieve your goals and always display properly before committing to the change. You can always undo the last changes you, but if you do some changes before you check the page, you need to cancel a number of changes to find a mess of your page.

If the good features of the HTML editor using the HTML tab of the editor is that it lists the tags that are used to sense the toolbar. Therefore, for your safety, you should stick to tag me. Manual also use the tool bar opposite the one you can add a tag. While you are stressed and this simply highlight the code that you can add HTML attributes, you must click on the toolbar to add a tag.

Add more pre-Code WordPress

While reading this tutorial you are looking at the tags that are available in the HTML tab of the WYSIWYG editor, you probably thought that the HTML functionality is somewhat limited. If you require more HTML features, there are some plug-ins that you can install.

Advanced use of HTML

At least you have an advanced method that allows you to edit the HTML you should know about the case of WordPress users. It's a way to do it is coders and experts. In fact, to get the necessary HTML with all the features that are part of the site, you need to actually edit the files in the theme you are using.

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