Frequently Asked Questions

All popular FTP clients have options for changing the permissions of files and folders. This option can be usually found in the popup menu after clicking with the right mouse button on files / folders. You should check the manual for your FTP client for more information.

Yes, search engine friendly URLS are supported, but there is one important thing you must know:
We use virtual user directory paths, so you can get error when trying to setup search engine friendly URLs or trying to pass virtual directory names to PHP scripts. If can be fixed very easy. Edit your .htaccess file and add this line at the top of the file or before the first rewrite rule:

To get changes made to your DNS settings as far as your MX record, A record, C NAME, click on the "DNS Zone editor" tool.

Yes, we support all domain names, including foreign domains.
e.g. (.US .UK .BIZ .CC .AU)

No, the domain name associated with your account cannot be  switched for security reasons. However you can use the "Delete Account" function and then after closing the account create a new one with new domain.

When you update domain nameservers it usually takes about 12-72 hours before it is visible to all users of the Internet. The propagation delay is due to Internet providers having to update their records (DNS tables) to reflect the changes.

  1.  Enter control panel and click on the FTP Details link.
  2.  Connect to the FTP server and upload your files to the public_html folder